Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Josh and Dr. Marie are both caring, attentive, and passionate health care providers. They have come and helped raise the consciousness in our community towards healing the body without drugs or surgery and making healthier choices. Thanks again for getting me back to who I am today!"

- S. Berry

"My experience has been a life changing one! I have never felt so nurtured into a state of healing. I know it takes work and time, and with this team I know I am in the right place. I love getting adjusted and I can't wait for my next one!"

- J. Wilson

"Outstanding customer service. Love this place. They know what they are doing, extremely effective and efficient. 100% recommend!"

- L. Fabian

"Amazing caregivers who are super friendly. They are extremely helpful at all times. Look no further!"

- R. Bradley

"I was what you would call a crawl in! When I first came to Dr. Josh, I could barely make it through the door. Dr. Josh was caring and I could tell he knew exactly what the cause of my problem was. I injured a disc in my low back, and after weeks of pain meds suffering and not getting any better a friend of mine recommended Dr. Josh and I finally decided to crawl in. I was a chiropractic skeptic thinking it wouldnt do anything at first, but now tell everyone about it. After a few visits I was walking better, and feeling better. I continue to go because not only has it helped my pain, but i saw a drastic improvement in my mood, sleep, and other aspects of my life! I can not thank them enough for giving me my life back!"

- L. RIchards

"I have been to many chiropractors in the past 40 years, and without a doubt Dr. Josh is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. He seems to know exactly what my body needs. On my first visit I told Dr. Josh that he wouldn't be able to adjust my neck and that nothing would go because no Chiropractor ever could. He smiled and said "well lets just see what it needs" He let me know he found out exactly what it needed and asked if I was ready. It was the most relief I have ever had in a single moment. What other Chiropractors were unable to do, he made it look easy. I will continue to go to Dr. Josh for the rest of my life, because he can do what others can't. He is highly skilled and takes his work seriously!"

- C. Wescott

"This testimonial is not for me, but for my son. My son was diagnosed with ADHD, had migraine headaches that at least one a week I had to take him out of school for. He also had irregular bowel movements and at 9 was still bed wetting. We have been going to doctors for years trying to find out what the problem is because this is not normal! When he was younger he fell off his bicycle and hit his head pretty hard. The doctors said nothing was broken and that everything would be fine. Years later I was recommended we try Chiropractic. Dr. Josh was able find a major issue with the first bone in my sons neck that he said most likely resulted from that bicycle accident. He said that was the cause of the migraines and most likely was affecting every system of his body. Within 2 weeks of seeing Dr. Josh not only did my sons migraines improve but he also had changes in his temperament, bowel movements, and stopped wetting the bed. Its been almost 6 months now that we have been seeing Dr. Josh, and my son David hasn't had a migraine in the last 5 months. Thank you so much for helping my family. Watching your child suffer without knowing what to do is one of the worst feelings imaginable!"

- E. Ruan

"You can just tell Dr. Josh and Dr. Marie Love what they do. They are so passionate about helping people live their best life! I Highly recommend you try them out!"

- T. Bower


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